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BACtrack provides the industry’s most accurate, innovative, and affordable breath alcohol testing devices.

For 15 years, BACtrack has created accurate breathalyzers for consumers, businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, the military, and law enforcement. Our customers trust us to offer the best in convenient, affordable, reliable blood-alcohol testing.

Product Upsells

Each breathalyzer product on the BACtrack site has additional mouthpieces that can be purchased by the customer. We made this upsell purchase very easy from the product page and directly inline while viewing the cart.

If anyone is looking for a web developer to help design and/or launch a Shopify store, or for ongoing theme updates, I highly recommend our developer, Robert. He’s managed BACtrack.com for us since 2017 and we’ve been very happy with his work.

Keith Nothacker
Founder @ BACtrack

Product Comparison

A completely custom product comparison feature built into the Shopify theme.

The comparison selectors are shown everywhere on the site where product thumbnails display. You can select products from the mega dropdown menu, collection pages, and collection sections everywhere on the site.

Your selections will always stay saved locally in your browser and adding/removing products from your comparison list is extremely fast.

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