Shopify 100 Variant Limit SOLVED


I have solved the Shopify 100 variant limit on products with a stable and seamless customization to Shopify themes using combined products. It has been tested on many sites and my clients love it. And it only takes 2 things to make it work – a stable theme customization and bulk product updates.

What is the Shopify 100 variant limit?

Product variant options in Shopify are configurable attributes like color, size, and width. Each option combination is a variant. Shopify limits the number of variants you can have on one product at 100.

For example, shoes usually have color, size, and width options. If your shoe has 7 colors that come in 15 sizes – that adds up to 105 variants. The variant limit would prevent 5 of those variants from displaying on your product page. And if you have different widths the variant count would be even higher.

How I solved Shopify 100 variant limit issue?

I have designed and built a solution to overcome the variant limit issue by combining multiple products into one unified product. Your customers will be able to shop and quickly customize products on your site without any page speed issues or inconsistent design elements caused by Shopify apps. The unified products will appear just like any other product only with more variant options to choose from.

It works like this… rather than adding all colors to a single product each color becomes its own product (keeping the variant count below 100 on each one). Then one color is assigned as the main product that will be the product that customers see on your site. All other colors will become “addon” products that combine with the main product page on your site. This will create a fast and seamless experience for your customers when they’re selecting size, color, etc without any extra page loading issues or confusion.

The Benefits of the combined product solution

  • No extra apps to install that slow your site down and incur endless monthly fees
  • Seamless integration to your theme’s existing product page design
  • All product page elements like images, local store availability, and back in stock forms will still work as expected
  • Great for page speed optimization
  • Customers will be able to customize products with 100’s of variants on one page
  • Easily update products in bulk
  • Flexible ways to show/hide the addon products on collection pages and redirect them to the main product

Examples of combined product pages

Pacers Running has hundreds of combined product pages for their shoes.
Winter Fine Jewelry has on-demand custom jewelry with thousands of variant combinations.

Robert Bentley
A Shopify expert who has helped numerous online businesses achieve top sales performance through expert development and optimization.