Shopify + WordPress Cross Domain UTM Tracking

Enhanced UTM Tracking for Shopify and WordPress

Are you missing Google Analytics traffic data when users visit your Shopify and WordPress sites?

Is your Google Analytics Acquisition Source/Medium displaying as “not set” or as “referral” when users go from your WordPress site to your Shopify site (or vice versa)?

We have developed a custom solution that will prevent losing valuable UTM tracking data when users visit your Shopify and WordPress sites. This solution will give you an accurate account of your UTM source, medium, campaign, keywords, and content metrics in Google Analytics.

No more missing Google Analytics data when your visitors go back and forth on your Shopify and WordPress sites.

We can now update all your sites so that your ad campaign and referral UTM tracking data remain in tact for each customer across all your sites.

Who Is This For?

Shopify sellers with WordPress sites who want more accurate reporting about their ad spend when users visit both or all of their sites.

How Does It Work?

UTM parameters follow the customer across domains regardless of which site they first land on. All the links on your Shopify and WordPress sites that point to each other will automatically include each user’s original UTM parameters.

These parameters will tell your Google Analytics tracking code about the user’s original session information. This way you don’t lose any data when the user visits each of your sites. And you’ll be able to better track your ad campaign information across your sites.

What’s Included in My Purchase?

  • You are purchasing a service where we install, configure, and test our Cross Domain UTM Tracking Parameter solution on your WordPress and Shopify sites.
  • We will update your Shopify and WordPress sites so that all links to each other have the original UTM parameters for each user when they first visited your sites.
  • Updates will not conflict with your Google Analytics (GA) or Google Tag Manager (GTM) tracking codes.
  • Updates will not conflict with any other tracking codes. In fact, tracking codes that use UTM data will also benefit from more accurate data.
  • Updates will have no impact on site speed.


  • What happens if my links already have UTM parameters?
    The existing UTM parameters in links will be updated with the user’s store UTM parameter data. For example, if the user landed on your site with utm_source and utm_medium your cross domain links will have those values updated. If a link has additional parameters (e.g. utm_content, utm_campaign) those parameters would stay as-is in the link

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