Robert Bentley
Co-founder and Technical Director

As the Co-founder and Director of Bentley HQ, I help create effective and innovative web solutions with forward-thinking companies.

From ideas to strategy to graphics to code, we push the limits of design and technology to create innovative and creative web solutions. A good design should be effortless for the user and effective for the business, guiding the user to achieve business goals.

Your business exists to help your customers achieve their goals. Let’s create innovative and engaging user experiences to achieve your business goals.

Brandi Strickland Bentley
Co-founder and Creative Director

An artist by training, I’m obsessed by images and visual communication.

I’ve balanced my studio work and creative pursuits with business development and administrative roles. I’m people-oriented and passionate about using my communication skills to build relationships. Organized and analytical, I have a knack for developing and documenting business systems/processes.

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