Shopify Product Bundles


Shopify product bundles are a great way to increase average order values. Bundles also educate customers about combinations of products they may not realize work well together. And bundles can increase sales by allowing customers bundle and save on their order.

Grouping products into Shopify product bundle theme sections are a flexible way to include bundles anywhere on your site. These can be placed on any page or you could create a “Bundles” or “Sets” page with all your recommended bundles.

How Shopify Product Bundles Work

Many Shopify product bundle solutions require you to create a separate “bundle” product that represents a bundle of individual products on your site. This can create an inventory and shipping headache. Instead, I recommend adding easily configurable bundles to your site where customers can add multiple products to their cart at once. And discount codes (or Shopify Scripts for Shopify Plus sites) can automatically discount bundled items for your “bundle and save” promotions.

The Shopify admin creates a new bundle by…

  1. Adding a new Product Bundle section in the theme editor to any page
  2. Configures this section’s settings: title and description, selects products for the bundle, and optionally provides a discount code

Then customers…

  1. Configure size or color options for each product in the bundle
  2. Click an “add bundle to cart” button
    • All products are added to their cart along with an automatic discount code if available.
    • Checkout with a bundle discount is seamless.

Shopify Product Bundle Examples

Product bundle sections can be displayed on any page. When the customer clicks an “add bundle to cart” button all items will be added to their cart. And a discount code can also be automatically added with the bundle if you’re offering a bundle and save promotion. This will reduce any friction in checkout.

These sections also integrate with your existing site design. Take a look at State Bags for example. Their Bundle and Save page uses their existing product thumbnail design with color swatches. In this example a discount code is automatically added to the cart when a bundle is purchased. It is completely seamless and very effective.

And this Priority Chef Kitchen Sets page has simple product bundles that show which products work well together.

Robert Bentley
A Shopify expert who has helped numerous online businesses achieve top sales performance through expert development and optimization.